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Simple JS code that works on webpages and webservers alike. Cross-browser and works on mobile and PC devices.

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Whatever your project may be, you can rely on CannicideAPI for consistent, lightning-quick services.

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Did We Mention It's Free?

Most of my APIs are freely accessible, public REST APIs that can be utilized with simple HTTP requests. Absolutely none of my APIs need to be paid for to be used. I do host some private APIs that are not open for public use, but you cannot pay to access these APIs, they are reserved for my personal use (or the use of friends and the like). All of my public APIs, however, are 100% free to use. Most APIs do not require registration to use, although a few in the future may require registration if they are overused or abused.

A Quick Demonstration.



Our Wikipedia API

An example of our Wikipedia API is on the left. The specific API used here is our Wikipedia Intro API, which fetches a single-paragraph concise description of any topic from Wikipedia. These descriptions are usually one of the first paragraphs in a Wikipedia article. Try entering any keywords you want, and the Results box will be updated with a description of what you looked up. If a Wikipedia article does not exist on the subject you searched for, or multiple articles exist with the same keywords, no changes will be made.

More Information

For a full list of our public APIs, example uses, documentation, and more demonstrations, visit our API page.